Tour overview

The Best Ridge Trek In Our Country

To begin with, ridge treks are extremely uncommon in our country. There are hardly a handful. In exploring the Phulara Ridge trek in April 2017, we discovered a ridge trek that is looking to be one of the best!

Now, a ridge is a place where two sides of the mountain meet. So the walk on a ridge is almost like one on a knife edge, where there are just flanks of the mountain sloping down from either side of you. There are small ridge sections on a few Himalayan treks. However, to have an entire day’s trek on a ridge is unparalleled.

If you have done a summit climb, you would know that you stand at the highest point for perhaps 20-30 minutes. This is from where you get great views of the mountains around. On this trek though, you’re at a high point of 12,000 ft for day’s worth of trek(4-5 hours!).

The 250-degree panorama of snow-capped mountains stays with you throughout! It almost gives you the feeling that these mountains are trekking along with you, as you traverse the ridge that curves its way into the landscape. Below you, the ground sweeps down on either side – one into a meadow, one into a valley. This is what makes Phulara Ridge a unique experience.


  • Accommodation – Stay is included from Day 1 to Day 5 (Kotgaon to Kotgaon). You will be staying in lodges at Kotgaon and camping on remaining days of the trek (3 per tent).
  • Meals – All meals from dinner at Kotgaon on Day 1 to breakfast at Kotgaon on Day 6 are included. We provide simple, nutritious vegetarian food on all days of the trek.
  • Camping charges – All trekking permits and forest camping charges are included.
  • Trekking equipment – High-quality tents, sleeping bags, ice axes, roped, microspikes, gaiters etc. as required.
  • Safety equipment – First aid, medical kit, oxygen cylinders, stretchers etc.

Not Included

  • Transport to and from the base camp – We will arrange shared taxis for trekkers to pick you up from Dehradun and drop you back from Kotgaon. This will cost approx. Rs. 5,500 per 5-6 seater vehicle one way. You will have to share this cost with the other trekkers
  • Food during transit to and from the base camp
  • Backpack offloading charges – Rs. 1,000 + 5% GST for the full trek. The backpack cannot weigh more than 9 kg. Suitcases/strollers/duffel bags will not be allowed. Please note that charges will vary for last minute offloading in case you decide to offload your bag after reaching Kotgaon (Rs 350 per day + 5% GST).
  • Anything apart from inclusions

Day 1: Reach Kotgaon

Kotgaon, base camp for this trek, is a small but pretty village with 250 houses. The drive to Kotgaon will take you through Nainbagh, Naugaon, Purola, Jarmola, Mori Naitwar (a left turn from Naitwar will lead you to Dhaula, which is the base camp for Rupin Pass and Bharadsar lake trek), and finally Kotgaon.

Altitude: 6,397 ft (1,950 m)
Time taken: Kotgaon, the base camp, can be reached in 8-10 hours from Dehradun. Transport will be arranged from Dehradun Railway station at 6.30 am.

Day 2: Kotgaon to Sikolta

Altitude: 6,397 ft (1,950 m) to 9,300 ft (2,835 m)
Time taken: 5 hours
Trek gradient: Moderate. Ascending trail throughout.
Water sources: A small stream near the broken bridge, around 3.5-4 hours into the trek
Landmarks on the way:
A small bridge crossing in the ascent to Marikoda
Marikoda is the second clearing on the trail
A broken bridge where the water flows down.
The meadow of Sikolta

Day 3: Sikolta to Bhoj Gadi

Altitude: 9,300 ft (2,835 m) to 11,155 ft (3,400 m)
Time taken: 4 hours
Trek gradient: Easy-moderate. Ascending trail throughout.
Water sources: A stream near the bridge, around an hour into the trek.
Altitude: 9,300 ft (2,835 m) to 11,155 ft (3,400 m)
Time taken: 4 hours
Trek gradient: Easy-moderate. Ascending trail throughout.
Water sources: A stream near the bridge, around an hour into the trek.

Day 4: Bhoj Gadi to Pushtara via Phulara ridge

Altitude: 11,115 ft (3,400 m) to 9,500 ft (2,896 m) via 12,127 ft (3,696 m)
Time taken: 6 hours
Trek gradient: Easy-moderate. Ascend trail up to the ridge. A flat trail at the ridge followed by a descent to the Pushtara.
Water sources: None. Carry at least two litres of water from Bhoj Gadi
Landmarks on the way:
Top of the ridge. Pathway with stones
A prominent right turn towards Sarutal valley

Day 5: Pushtara to Taluka. Drive to Kotgaon

Altitude: 9,500 ft (2,896 m) to 7,953 ft (2,424 m)
Time taken: 5 hours trek + 1-hour drive to Kotgaon
Trek gradient: Easy-moderate. Descending trail all the way to Taluka.
Water sources: There is a stream just before you enter the forest, around 1.5 hours into the trek.
The trail would be a complete descent to the village of Taluka. The first 30 minutes is the descent through the meadows. You see some broken Gujjar huts here. You see the trail coming from the Taloti valley to the right. Take the descent and join this trail. Keep descending and going towards the right. The tree line starts to increase. The floor is laden with beautiful yellow flowers. It feels like a bed to just lie down.
Landmarks on the way:

Broken Gujjar huts
Logging of timber
Water Tank, Tumrikot village