Tour overview

Dayara Bugyal is often placed at the top position only to be hotly contested and pushed to the next best. But there is no debate amongst trekkers that Dayara Bugyal would fall within the two most beautiful high altitude meadows in India. It is not difficult to see why. For hundred of years shepherds from far have been taking their flock to graze at Dayara. They have come back with stories of the abundance of grass and splendor of the mighty Himalayan mountain peaks cradling the meadows.
They described the place with such intensity that soon word about Dayara Bugyal reached explorers. When the explorers got back from their treks to Dayara Bugyal, they came back profoundly affected. The meadows were exactly as the shepherds had described them – but only more beautiful. The mountains they talked about were the Bhagirathi peaks, Bandarpoonch, Black peak and scores of other peaks they could not name. They discovered clear water bodies strewn across the green
meadows – in whose reflection the peaks looked even more beautiful. Flowers sprung up around streams and brooks that ran across the meadows. Dayara Bugyal along with its twin Gidara Bugyal is perhaps one of the most beautiful alpine meadows in India. The meadows stretch out far and wide and all around the meadows are the many towering snow peaks. The trek showcases some of the best scenery the Himalayas have to offer. The Bugyals and the sky around with their every changing hue
can show you new scenery at every season of the year. The trek starts from the tiny village of Barsu tucked away on the Haridwar – Gangothri road 32 kms away the town of UttarKashi. Barsu houses about 90 homes and has a GMVN overlooking the village on one side and the mountains on the other.
The GMVN serves as a good base camp for the trek. The rooms are neat and spacious and the view in front is lovely.

Day 1 - Drive from Dehradun - Raithal (160 kms/day-long drive)

Embark on your journey at dawn with a meal and a day-long drive from Dehradun to Raithal covering 160 kms. The route trails through the scenic towns of Mussoorie, Chamba and Uttarkashi beside the Bhagirathi River. On arriving Raithal that stands tall at 7,545 ft, settle down for the evening in a guesthouse. Overnight can be spent in the hotel.

Day 2 - Trek from Raithal – Gui (4 hours)

This 4 kms long trek is a gradual ascend landscaped beautifully with Rhododendrons,Silver Oak and Deodar forests. Reach the destination for the day which is Barnala at an elevation of 8,530 ft. It is this place which marks the beginning of the famed undulating stretches of green prairies or ‘Bugyals’. Set up your campsite at this ideal location and retire here for the night.Camp here for the night. Overnight will be spent in tents.

Day 3 - Trek from Gui - Barnala (5 kms)

This is our acclimatization day at Barnala.

Day 4 - Trek from Barnala to Dayara bugyal - Bakaria Top – and back to barnala (7 kms)

This day entails an ascending trek of about 7 kms to the high alpine meadow of Dayara Bugyal,Uttarakhand that is elevated at 9,980 ft through the Barnal grasslands. On arriving this vast meadow that resembles a table top, you can catch sight of some majestic peaks, namely Srikanth, Rudregaira, Gangotri I, II & III, Jaonli, Draupadi ka Danda I & II, Black peak, Bandarpunch and such. Spend the night this day marks the climb up from Dayara Bugyal to Bakaria top, the highest point of the vast meadow standing at 12,000 ft. Get enchanted by the panoramic views of snowy peaks, lush valleys and such from the top. Depart from Bakaria back to the campsite at Barnala.

Day 5 - Trek from Barnala – Barsu and back to dehradun (4 kms trek AND 180km drive)

Begin the day with a hearty meal after which starts your descent to Barsu that is at an elevation of 7,873 ft. After trekking 2 to 3 hours through a mix of ascends and descends over alpine meadows, dense woods and little rivulets, reach the campsite of Barnala. This last day of Dayara Bugyal trekking, it involves descending down to Barsu along a well marked trail through the surrounding thickets. Catch sight of the charming village of Barsu and its adjoining settlements can about half way down the trail. Arrive at Barsu by afternoon and same day back to the the dehradun. Trip ends here.