Tour overview

This trek lies in Himachal Pradesh, around 20 km north of Manali and can be accessed from Gulaba.

It is known as the place where the famous saint Maharishi Bhrigu sat in deep meditation. However, we believe the lake is not the only thing the trek has to offer. You must do the Bhrigu Lake trek for its grasslands.

To enter an alpine meadow in our country, one has to often spend at least a day or two trekking within the treeline. We are talking about two or three days of hard ascent. This is because most alpine meadows start at around 11,000 ft above the treeline.


  • Accommodation – Stay is included from Day 1 to Day 3 (Gulaba to Rola Kholi). You camp on all days. (3 per tent).
  • Transport – We arrange pick up from Manali on Day 1 and drop back to Manali on Day 4 in shared cabs.
  • Meals – All meals from dinner at Gulaba to lunch on Day 4 are included. Meals are nutritious and vegetarian.
  • Camping charges – All trekking permits and forest camping charges are included.
  • Trekking equipment – We provide high quality tents, sleeping bags, ice axes, roped, micro spikes, gaiters etc. as required.
  • Safety equipment – First aid, medical kit, oxygen cylinders, stretchers etc.

Not Included

  • Food during transit to and from the base camp –
  • Backpack offloading charges – Rs 750 for the full trek + 5% GST. The backpack cannot weigh more than 9 kg. Suitcases/strolleys/duffel bags will not be allowed. Please note that last minute offloading – when you decide to offload your bag after reaching Gulaba is not possible on this trek.
  • Stay at Manali on the last day at Manali on the last day
  • Anything apart from inclusions

Day 1: Reach Gulaba

The Bhrigu Lake trek begins at Gulaba. The 24 km route to Gulaba takes you on the Manali-Rohtang Pass road, past Kolang, Palchan and Kothi. You get fabulous views of pine forests and mountains as soon as you cross Kothi. Once a quiet hamlet, Gulaba is now buzzing with tourists in transit to Rohtang Pass.
Altitude: 10,370 ft (3,161 m)
Time taken: 1 hour drive + 1 hour 15 minutes trek. Pick up from Manali at 12.30 PM
Vehicles drop you off at the road head near Gulaba checkpost.
Trek steadily underneath forest cover, passing through open grasslands every now and then. You will reach the Jonkar Thatch campsite in about an hour and fifteen minutes.

Day 2: Jonker Thatch to Rola Kholi

Altitude: 10,370 ft (3,161 m) to 12,566 ft (3,830 m)
Time taken: 3-4 hours, 5 km
Trek gradient: Moderate; Steep ascent throughout followed by an undulating walk for the last 30 minutes.
Water sources: Carry 2 litres of water from Gulaba. The first water source is 15 minutes before Rola Kholi campsite and the second one is 10 minutes before – both at stream crossings. The first one is a better place for filling your water bottles since it has a steady flow of water. This saves you time. The trail begins with a steep ascent. Make note of brown oak, cedar and birch trees on the trail here. These are few of the most prominent trees in the Himalayas. After around 20 minutes, the trail enters an open meadow where shepherds camp.
Observe Mt. Hanuman Tibba towering over the meadow in the background. Below Hanuman Tibba are the Seven Sister peaks seated in the Beas Kund Valley. Turn right from the upper ridge of the meadow and head south. The second forested cover begins here. Rola Kholi is a scenic grazing ground used by local shepherds. Located at the base of Bhrigu Lake, it makes for an ideal camping spot. You water source here is Chor Nallah, which flows across the camping ground.

Day 3: Rola Kholi to Bhrigu Lake and back to Rola Kholi

Altitude: 12,565 ft (3,830 m) to 14,009 ft (4,270 m); back to 12,565 ft (3,830 m)
Time taken: 6-7 hours, 10 km
Trek gradient: Moderate; Starts on a stony trail. Initial steep ascent for 2 hours followed by a 10 minutes descent. Level walk for 15 minutes followed by an hour’s steep ascent to the lake.
Water sources: Bhrigu lake, streams along the way
Start early as you have a lot of distance to cover today. You have to trek a height of around 1,348 ft to reach Bhrigu Lake. Bhrigu Lake rests between two high-altitude ridges. You begin with hiking to the first ridge, which is an hour away. In June, the trail is usually covered in snow. In July, as the snow melts on the lower reaches, you see the trail slowly turning from green to brown and white. As you reach the ridge, look for an oval glacial lake in the distance. Depending on the season, the lake is either surrounded by snow or fresh grass, along with alpine flowers.
On a clear day, you can catch a stunning panoramic view of Pir Pinjal and Dhauladhar ranges. Also, major peaks such as Indrasen, Deo Tibba and Hanuman Tibba stand majestically before you. The lake is normally enveloped in fog which can make finding the route tricky. It is always advisable to hire a local guide. After spending time at the lake, retrace your way to Rola Kholi.

Day 4: Rola Kholi to Gulaba

Altitude: 12,565 ft (3,830 m) to 10,370 ft (3,161 m)
Time taken: 3-4 hours, 5 km
Trek gradient: Easy. Mostly descending.
Water sources: Carry 2 litres of water from Rola Kholi
Today’s trek is an easy one. You get back to Gulaba through the meadows you came up from. The descent can be a bit steep but is good on your legs given you are always in the meadows. It takes 3-4 hours to reach Gulaba. Gulaba at around 10,370 ft is a better exit for your knees and feet as compared to Vasisht at 7,000 ft.