The trek to Bhabha Pass (4640 m) is one of the most exciting treks in the area. The pass remains snow-bound round the year. The pass being relatively easy to cross was used year round by locals to cross over from Kinnaur valley to Spiti and vice-versa. The trek begins from Kinnaur, which is lush green and finishes in a barren Spiti region with a stark and harsh landscape. It joins two completely different regions of Himachal Pradesh. Bhabha Valley gets higher rainfall than surrounding areas hence, the valley has more variety of flora and fauna. Apart from the trek, you also visit Chitkul; the last border outpost and Comic; the highest village in Asia, and the famous monasteries of Tabo and Ki. The results of old contacts with Tibet are still visible in the fairs and festivals and other customs of the people in the remote areas. The extended family system is still prevalent in the region.

DURATION 10 Nights 11 Days
BEST TIME May to October
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